Objective of this Organization

  • To actively involve local youths and encourage them to save the environment and to provide job-oriented training in collaboration with different clubs and organizations established in the society.
  • To help protect the environment by organizing tree plantation program and to make aware about the increasing climate change in the world to the local people.
  • To provide education materials and scholarships to the deserving/talented students.
  • To protect and help in the development of women, old-aged people, children, and handicapped among the different groups of people living in the community.
  • To help in saving and promoting language, literature, culture, arts, and architecture.
  • To build schools for children and organizing different programs.
  • To protect animals and birds and building shelters for them with the permission of associated organizations.
  • To provide free education and shelter to the street children and war-affected children.
  • To work on the development of the society for the improvement of the society.

Future Mission

Following work will be done to fulfill the organization’s objective.

  • Organize different programs in villages to search children with hidden talents, establish a library, organize book exhibition to promote Children Rights.
  • Host programs for the physical and mental development of affected youths, conduct technical as well as skill-oriented trainings.
  • Organize and introduce sustainable programs to indigenous people and teach them how to save the environment and protect natural resources for their livelihood.